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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.
I feel like I’ve been just going nonstop for the last two weeks and it finally caught up to me last weekend. My skin wasn’t too happy with me and my arms and legs were super sore from moving around a lot, carrying a heavy bag on my arm, wearing uncomfortable shoes, etc.
As I mentioned earlier this week, Lather Skincare sent me some adorable sample sets for the Style Collective brunch and I couldn’t wait to break into them!
I started with the Muscle Ease Gel with Botanical Pain Relievers since my right arm has been killing me due to carrying my large tote bag everywhere I go. I really like it- it’s kind of like Biofreeze but more natural and with longer lasting effects. The smell is nice and the cooling sensation was amazing in this horrible Vegas heat! The smell is also nice too and not filled with creepy chemicals!
I used the Sweet Almond Exfoliating Creme on my face and I love the smell! The scrub had some grit to it but wasn’t harsh and didn’t irritate my skin at all. It also rinsed clean which some scrubs just won’t do. I have a couple tiny breakouts from all the make-up I’ve been wearing and the scrub didn’t cause them to flare up or turn red at all. My face feels smooth and soft and not stripped which is also something I worry about when I use a scrub. 
Next, I used the Honey Moisture Mask. I really like moisture masks in the summer because I often worry about my skin not getting enough moisture since it’s so hot and dry. This one smelled great, wasn’t super heavy, and left my skin feeling really silky afterwards. The only issue I have with using a mask in the summer is I’m often sweating it off! I think this mask will be a great addition to my winter skincare routine!
Last, I used the AHA Hand Creme with Evening Primrose. My skin has been really weird this summer, I have dry patches on my hands that I’ve never had before. One use of this hand cream has actually cleared up some of the weird patches faster than multiple uses of some of the other creams I have at home. Considering I’m constantly going to events and hosting events and taking meetings, this helps so much because I get really self conscious about my skin when I shake hands with people!
Thank you so much, Lather, for the wonderful home spa day I enjoyed last weekend! Even though I received the products complimentary, all opinions are my own!


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