Dunkin Donuts

Photo by Corey Bond Photography

Okay, has anyone else literally been miserable this summer?

I say this every single year but every summer, I feel like it’s hotter than the last summer. Maybe it’s global warming or maybe I just like to complain about it. I’m not really sure!

Anyway, Dunkin Donuts hooked me up with some awesome summer swag and I have to say, it made things way more comfortable (and fun)! We’ve tried ALL of their limited edition iced coffees and let me just say, they’re all delicious. I think my favorite was the coconut cream pie flavor! I’ve also started working a new job and things have been crazy busy so I’ve been literally running on Dunkin Donuts iced coffee all week.

This pool floaty kicks all the other donut floaties’ butts because it’s way cuter and sturdier. One thing I learned- don’t use a hair dryer to inflate it unless you want to spend an hour trying to inflate it. Also- nebulizers don’t inflate floaties. The best advice I got was to go to the places where you get air for your tires. Genius!

I can never have enough cute pool/beach towels and this one takes the cake.

Last, I’ve been obsessed with the Dunkin Donuts app lately. I hate waiting in lines and gift cards get lost in my bag (I’m still waiting for an old Golden Spoon gift card from seven years ago to turn up). I love that I can load my gift cards into the app and order ahead. They also have some pretty fun bonuses for signing up (I got free coffee wooooooooot).

This post was sponsored by Dunkin Donuts; however, all opinions are my own (I think I’ve raved about donuts and coffee enough for you guys to know that I love/need them). 

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