Maple Holistics Therapeutic Shampoo

Most days, my hair does what it’s told (more or less).
Unfortunately, when the seasons change, my scalp gets weird and flaky. It doesn’t help that my Asian hair is super thick, heavy, and gets oily really fast. 
A couple weeks ago, Maple Holistics reached out to me about trying their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. I used to keep a bottle of tea tree oil in my shower just to help cleanse my scalp so I was excited to try out the therapeutic shampoo.
I don’t use Maple Holistics every single day; however, I definitely enjoy using it at least a couple times a week to help rid my scalp of any build-up. Since I spend more time at events and dinners, I use a lot more product in my hair and this shampoo helps rid my hair of the extra oils and sticky sprays. Definitely a plus! Best of all- the products are natural and sulfate free so I don’t have to worry about weird chemicals or color fade from using the shampoo. Maple Holistics has a ton of products using essential oils and other natural ingredients and I’m definitely bookmarking a bunch of them!
Thank you so much for the shampoo, Maple Holistics! As usual, all opinions are my own!

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