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Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- Ethel M Chocolate Tasting

Ethel M is definitely local favorite here in Vegas. 
The Ethel M Chocolate Factory is something of a hidden gem-especially since a number of our members had never been and some didn’t even know it existed. I visited for the first time over a decade ago for a class assignment and I loved it.
In addition to a real chocolate factory, Ethel M also has a gorgeous cactus and botanical garden. It’s truly beautiful, especially during the holidays when the plants are all lit up. 

We enjoyed a fun group outing a couple weeks ago. We started by exploring the cactus garden at sunset and then gathered in the chocolate tasting room for a lesson on how chocolate is made from start to finish. Concluding the lesson was a fun tasting of the different types of chocolates that Ethel M is widely known for (this was the best part, of course). 

After the tasting, we wandered the factory windows and observed the machines and workers (and no, it wasn’t like that I Love Lucy episode). We finished our evening in the Ethel M chocolate store for some treats to take home with us!

Thank you so much to Ethel M for hosting our fabulous event! As usual, all opinions are my own. 

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