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Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- RX Boiler Room

The Vegas Lifestyle Influencers group has grown so much since we started in May!
We have over 175 members now and we love events where we get to meet some friendly new faces! Our little cocktail party at RX Boiler Room at Mandalay Bay allowed us to do just that!
RX Boiler Room is probably one of the coolest looking locales we’ve held an event in. The whole restaurant has a very steampunk and alchemy vibe and that theme is displayed prominently throughout the entire restaurant. 
There are super cute nooks and corners everywhere!

We started the evening with the Smoked Whiskey and Cola cocktail which was made for us cartside in the coolest looking skull decanters I’ve ever seen (especially with the smoke).

And the cutest skull shot glasses.

We also sampled the Fall Fashion cocktail which was a perfect autumn drink.

We enjoyed the Devils on Horseback which consisted of dates, blue cheese, and bacon. So good!
The Chicken Pot Pie Nuggets were delicious deep fried goodness.
The RX Fish Tacos were a really great combination of flavors in a chilled taco with crispy taro root.
The Bacon Wrapped Bacon N Egg went the fastest because they were delicious!
We finished our meal with the Smoked Whiskey and Cola Cake which was devil’s food cake soaked in whiskey with cream cheese frosting. The coolest part was that they came with special meringues that smoked when you ate them. 

As usual, all opinions are my own.

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