Dinner Dates- Triple George Grill’s Glegan Menu

A few weeks ago, Stephanie and I got to try out the Glegan Menu at Triple George Grill.

I know that sounds like total gibberish but it’s actually their Vegan and Gluten Free Menu. 
I’m not a huge veggie eater but I honestly really enjoyed experimenting with all of the fun vegan options during World Vegan Month. 
I spent a week eating only vegan food when I was 17 and I had a vegan friend visiting for a week. It’s so cool how much the menus have changed and expanded since then! There are so many great options now!

We started with the seafood platter (gluten free, right?). This platter is the perfect date night option if you love seafood- there’s two of each item and you get a big variety (oysters, clams, shrimp, crab).

We shared the Grilled Vegetable Plate which had the best grilled eggplant ever.

The Penne Primavera had amazing flavor and the pasta was delicious and gluten free.

The Southwest Burger was a showstopper- I’ve never liked veggie burgers because of the weird texture and the way they masquerade as meat. This patty was filled with veggies and had the most amazing texture and flavor. 

For dessert, we kind of broke the rules and shared the Creme Brulee. 
So delicious!
Thank you so much for hosting us, Triple George Grill!
As usual, all opinions are my own!

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