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Customizing Jewelry at Kendra Scott

I love Kendra Scott jewelry. 
I’ve been drooling over a number of pieces at my local Kendra Scott store but I’m something of an occasion jewelry shopper because it’s really hard for me to find something I will be happy wearing on a regular basis.
The Kendra Scott Color Bar allows you to customize jewelry pieces with your choice of metal and stones so everyone can really get something they would want to wear every single day. There’s a number of different styles and sizes too so you can find something you’re really comfortable with. 
Our friend, Christie (of I Can Style U) hosted a really fabulous event at the Kendra Scott store inside Fashion Show Mall last month and I got the chance to create something really fun at the Color Bar. 
The store is gorgeous and so many of the classic pieces come in tons of colors. 
It’s hard to pick just one!
Incidentally, Stephanie and I got the same pair of earrings; however, because we each picked our own stones, they look completely different. She opted for shades of black and white and I picked clear and rose tones to compliment the rose gold metal. 
My favorite thing about this particular pair of earrings is that it’s actually two pairs in one. The top stones are studs and the rest of the pieces attach to the studs to make this gorgeous set. It’s perfect for me since I can wear the studs to work and wear the full set when I go out to events. I actually customized this pair to compliment the outfit I have planned for my birthday outfit!
A huge thank you to Christie for the fabulous invite and to Kendra Scott Las Vegas for hosting us!
As usual, all opinions are my own.

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