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Rest & Relaxation- My Favorite Products for Unwinding

Hey guys!


I know it’s been a while but trust me, I have a lot of great excuses! We had a pretty huge family disaster which is still ongoing so things have been rough to say the least. Also- I moved! Downsizing a home of fifteen years kind of sucks because I’m not great at throwing things out but we did it!

I have to say- 2018 has been a really strange year but not always in the worst ways. There have been some great accomplishments too! More on those later!

Since it’s been a pretty stressful year, today I’m sharing some of my favorite things that help me destress!

Scented candles. I’ve never been a huge fan because I got a lot of burns when I was younger but now that there are so many pretty ones, they’re hard to resist. There’s nothing like a nice lavender or rose scent to help me unwind quickly! I really like this one from Kendra Scott– it’s a very light scent.

Okay, maybe anything scented. These Glamorous Roses are just like the Venus et Fleur ones you’ve seen everywhere and they smell delightful. They’re just so pretty too and perfectly apartment sized!

I’m kind of loving these cute Hallu goodies I’ve been finding at Wal Mart. They’re ADORABLE and they all smell nice. The bath bombs are HUGE and take forever to dissolve so it’s not like a blink and you’ll miss it kind of fizz. 

Scalp massages. I love my Milk and Sass macaron brushes so much. I have them everywhere- I travel with them, I keep one at work, they’re all over the place. They’re seriously my favorite brushes ever. 

My new mattress from Voila Box. A detailed post is coming up very soon! It’s amazing!!!!
What’s your favorite way to destress and unwind?

Some of these items were gifted in exchange for honest reviews. As always, all opinions are my own!

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