Fun Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

Summer in Vegas is a disaster. It’s so hard to feel or look nice when it’s 120 degrees outside and everyone outside Vegas is trying to make you feel better by saying it’s a dry heat. That doesn’t matter when your shoes are melting into the ground.

If I had to pick one favorite beauty product for summer, it would be dry shampoo. My dry shampoo gets so much use in the warmer months and here’s why-

The obvious use would be what it’s intended for. Even though it’s gross out, it’s not super healthy to shampoo hair every single day- especially when it’s so dry already. Dry shampoo buys extra time in the day and between washes.
It helps in a pinch if you don’t have deodorant. This mostly applies to the spray version but when it’s a light fresh scent (like Dove), it works almost like a spray deodorant plus it feels dry so you won’t be extra sticky.

It helps with canvas shoes. My Keds feel extra gross in the heat but I love them so a little spritz (or a sprinkle if it’s powder) always helps freshen them up a bit!

It keeps clothes smelling fresher. This is especially great if you pack light when you travel and don’t want to wash something. A little spray on the inside (make sure it’s an invisible formula) helps freshen up clothes that aren’t quite ready for a wash.
It helps lots of areas stay a bit dryer. I like to use a little on the insides of my elbows and knees since I was prone to heat rash when I was little. Powder formulas work too but sprays go on a bit more evenly and keep some of the sweating and irritation at bay!
It helps hair accessories stay better. Asian hair oils up really fast and it’s always a bummer when headbands or clips slide right out. Dry shampoo adds a little texture and grip.
How do you use dry shampoo?

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