Grand Canyon West with Grand Canyon Destinations

Our tour was complimentary from Grand Canyon Destinations; however, all opinions are my own!

Naturally, the Grand Canyon is on pretty much everyone’s bucket list. 
I’ve visited a bunch of times in my life, but never as an adult and never with friends. When we had the opportunity to do a private tour to the West Rim, we jumped at the chance. We went as a small group of four (me, Stephanie, Miranda, and Melissa) and started bright and early. Grand Canyon Destinations does pick-ups and drop-offs at a ton of locations on the Strip so we picked Planet Hollywood since it’s central and parking is still free (this is one of the reasons a lot of us locals love to shop and eat here- we save that precious parking money).
The drive up was super quiet and cheerful- we were all so excited and the Sprinter tour bus was super comfortable. The seats were spacious and there were charging ports so that we could keep all of our devices in check. Our driver, Rigo, had water and snacks for us at hand but we’d brought some of our own too so we really didn’t need any! 
We made a quick stop on the way up so he could pick up our lunch and used the opportunity to take some fun photos!
The Grand Canyon West tour is pretty easy to follow- inside the Hualapai reservation, you use the provided transportation that is included with your entry fee. This has three different drop-off points and goes in a loop with shuttle buses.

We started at Hualapai Ranch which is a fun western themed area. There are shops and snack spots and a ton of photo opportunities!
Our next stop was Eagle Point- this is where you do the Sky Walk (if you choose to, that is). We were gifted passes for the Sky Walk and got so lucky because the line was relatively short! Stephanie and I are not fans of heights but we both made it comfortably- it’s really not that bad!

You also can’t take anything with you on the Sky Walk to avoid any safety hazards. That was comforting! There’s a large amphitheatre and the Native American Village at this stop too- so many great photo ops and lots to learn!

Our last stop was Guano Point- there are some really cool photo stops here and a lot of areas where you can just sit and enjoy the views.
We did a lot of that!
A huge thank you to Grand Canyon Destinations for the amazing day trip with my friends!!!

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