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Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- DoNut Stress with Carl’s Donuts

Who else loves a good donut?

I’m not gonna lie- donuts are everywhere now. It seems like every corner has some fancy shop that has some unique and strange donuts. Honestly, some of them are pretty good. Being a donut fiend, I’m willing to give any of them a try.

We had a fun event at Carl’s Donuts last month and this one was one for the books! Carl’s Donuts has been around for DECADES so they really know what they’re doing. The owner is Carl’s granddaughter, Amber; so you KNOW that the family recipes have been continued in the most authentic way!

We had a chance to enjoy a fun tasting one Sunday afternoon AND decorate our own custom donuts. They have all of the classic flavors and a ton of fun ones- and they don’t just carry donuts! They have an amazing selection of house-made pastries and treats that are all delicious and fresh!

No joke- these glazed goodies lasted for DAYS. While most donuts would be stale and soggy three days later, these delicious pieces still tasted and felt fresh. How do they do that????

We had a fun table full of every kind of sprinkle.

Who knew there were so many kinds of sprinkles?

Their iced coffee is delicious!!!

Donut selfie wall!!!

My masterpieces.

Fun times with the ladies!!!

A huge thank you to Carl’s Donuts for hosting us!!! We had a blast!
As usual, all opinions are my own!!!

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