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Desert Hair and Somerfield Beauty

This post was written in collaboration with Somerfield Beauty. 
As usual, all opinions are my own!

(Ignore the fact that my hair is a mess- it’s really hard to smooth it out when it’s dried out!)

I love a good hair mask but it’s SO HARD to find one that works really well more than once! I had seen the Somerfield Beauty hair masks on Instagram and was dying to try them. I loved the idea of a mask that would really set into my hair and not be messy at all. Something I could use without getting it all over my hands and something that wouldn’t be super greasy and gross.
There are two ways to use the mask- the first would be to apply it immediately after washing your hair. While it’s still wet, put the cap on and leave it for about 15 minutes. 
The second way is my preferred method and the easiest way and really does make this the least messy mask I’ve used!
On dry hair, apply the cap.
Blow dry to heat.
Let sit for about 15 minutes.
Heating it really allows the mask to soak into the hair and treat it- which is great because it seems no matter what I do, my hair is always SO DRY here in the desert. The Somerfield Beauty masks come in singles or in sets of three so if you want to just try one out, you can!
Somerfield Beauty recently came out with a shampoo and conditioner set and I really like them because they’re moisturizing without being heavy or feeling like they leave behind a lot of residue!

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