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Solo Travel Safety

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Don’t get me wrong. I love a good girl trip. I love a fun romantic getaway. But sometimes, there’s the need to do things 100% your way and that’s where a great solo trip comes into play.

When you travel alone, you pick the when and the where and the how. You pick everything and answer to nobody (well, okay, maybe the local authorities but you know what I mean). I know the idea of being alone for any length of time can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s something about traveling alone that can be insanely freeing. Here are my tips on how to overcome the solo travel fears and make the most of it!

If you need directions and aren’t comfortable asking strangers- ask the police. They’re usually super helpful and more likely to guide you away from unsafe areas.

Even if you don’t love group environments, consider booking group tours so you always have people with you and are less likely to get targeted alone. It also helps when you don’t have anyone with you to help you find your way since you won’t have to worry about getting from one place to the next. I made some new friends on a group tour that were also solo female travelers and it made the day so much more fun!

If you are doing full day tours, research food options close to your hotel that will be open later. This is also a good time to see if your hotel has room service in case you don’t want to go out for food after a long day or you’re not comfortable. If you know you’ll be way too tired, stock up on some room snacks the day before so you won’t have to go to bed hungry.

Make multiple copies of your passport and keep them in more than one bag. You never know what could go wrong! Also- make sure to know where the nearest embassy or consulate is in case of any emergencies.

When you’re looking into rooms, make sure to check for single occupancy. A lot of the search engines default to double occupancy and that ends up hiding the single rooms which are usually cheaper. This is especially true when traveling in Asia or Europe.

Don’t be afraid of group tours. I know they get a bad rep (I do live in a pretty serious tourist town) but they can really make your trip in some cases. I made friends with a couple of awesome fellow solo travelers when I was in Dublin last month and honestly, they made the day so much more enjoyable. Between the crazy weather and the short stop times, it was great to have a good buddy system!

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