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The Jet Lag Guide

I know jet lag really well. We are childhood friends over here. I remember sleeping in the middle of the day in LA after getting off the flight from Hong Kong before catching the last leg to Atlanta. I remember tripping snd falling at least three times the day of my arrival in Hong Kong because “the ground was moving again”. I remember watching late night music videos on MTV at 4AM after coming home from Chile.

All in all, jet lag really sucks. Over the years I’ve found some ways to combat it a bit and at least make it less frustrating so I can enjoy my trip as quickly as possible with minimal exhaustion.

Arrive to your destination early. If it’s a big time change, try to get there in the morning. Sleep on the flight over if you can and start your day in the new city. Almost all hotels will hold your bags so freshen up and explore! You’ll wear yourself out enough to actually be able to sleep.

If you get up at super early and just can’t fall asleep, try to catch the sunrise- or better yet, if you’re in a place that has them, check out the early morning markets. One of my favorite memories of Hong Kong are those jet lagged mornings where we would see the wet markets getting set up. After watching, the next day we wandered through and it was so much fun! Sunrise gives you a new perspective of a destination!

Have snacks in the room. If you wake up and your hotel doesn’t have room service, everything is closed, or it’s just not safe to venture out, you will want to make sure you have something readily available. It’s hard to go back to sleep when you’re hungry!

If you’re doing group tours, start with the earliest one closer to the front of your trip. As you get acclimated to the time change, it’ll be a bit more difficult to get up super early so take advantage of the jet lag!

Power naps are your friend! Just don’t nap longer than an hour or two if you can help it. A quick refresh is sometimes all you’ll need to get through the evening and enjoy dinner and nightlife!

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