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Weekly Wow

Okay, maybe most of this isn’t exactly “wow worthy” for all of you but here are a few things from last week that really did have me say “wow” (and not always in a good way).

So I’m sure you’ve noticed lots of changes to the blog! The look, the format, etc. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes trying to make things more accessible and visually attractive so I hope it’s working! One thing I’ve started doing is cataloging more of my favorite products that people ask about a lot so that I can share them more easily.

Most of what I find is on Amazon so I’ve updated a few lists in my Amazon Storefront- go check them out!

Last week was Mardi Gras and I always like to make a nice Cajun meal to celebrate. Sometimes I go a little harder than others (like last year with homemade King Cake, another one from Gambino’s and colorful GlamGlow masks with Stephanie) and other years I just kind of half-ass it (like this year). If you feel like half-assing it too, my usual go-to is Mam Papaul’s because their mixes are simple and don’t require a lot of additional ingredients or work (or time).

The new MUTE future on IG. Okay, let’s be honest- we all have at least one friend who posts WAY TOO MUCH. Or maybe uses their captions to get really political. Or someone who just loves to start fights with anyone who comments and has a different opinion. It’s nice to have the option to turn off the noise for a bit and remember why Instagram was fun, right? BTW- you know you’re not allowed to mute the person who told you about the mute button, RIGHT???

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