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Weekly Wow

Hey guys! Welcome to the Weekly Wow where I share some “wow-worthy” things from last week as well as catch up on what’s new in the Jetsettin Daisy world!

I’ll be really honest- 2019 is throwing a lot at me… almost more than 2018. That said, if anything else, I2018 taught me that things usually do get better. Leaving the home I had spent almost 15 years in was sad but I absolutely love my new apartment and it’s MINE. It was sad when my old VW Beetle died but my new car (that was super economical) is amazing, low maintenance, and I’m saving SO MUCH MONEY on gas. I have another HUGE change going on right now and rather than feeling bitter or angry, I’m staying positive and I’m excited to see what’s to come!

Okay, for some of you who travel a lot- this is not new and it wasn’t all that secret. Anyway, I’ve had enough reactions to know it’s definitely not general knowledge so I thought I’d share the wealth (as in savings). Who else knows about the Spirit ticket counter hack? If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically where you go to the ticket counter to buy your ticket and save almost $20 per way. It’s a huge saving and really convenient if you live by the airport. Definitely make sure to check the Spirit website for the ticket prices so you can estimate accordingly and DO NOT WAIT if you find a good fair. That said, I waited when I found a bad fair and the next morning it had been cut in half AND I saved another $19. Whaaaaaaaat- crazy, right?????

Beis Travel. OMG- this collection is kind of a game changer. As someone who frequently travels on budget airlines and covets wow-worthy pieces for under the seat, this collection is #GOALS.

This mini USB humidifier. First of all, it’s pink. Second, it’s tiny so it’s not taking up valuable real estate on my bedside table (my nightstands are cute, kind of functional, but not the biggest). I actually have two little humidifiers because I also got this one since it was advertised as an essential oil diffuser. Now my whole room smells like roses and that can only be a good thing, right?

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