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Weekly Wow

Hey guys! Welcome back! We’ve got another set of “wow-worthy” things and some life updates!

Since I’ve got way more time on my hands than before, I’ve totally taken advantage and have been traveling. Mostly road trips and cheap flights to places where I have a couch to crash on. You know how it is- we always promise friends we will come and visit and we just never do. This year I’m finally getting to take those trips and see the friends and family that I’ve been wanting to visit for a while!

On that note, we are kind of obsessed with this pet hammock for car trips. Ever since I got the new car, we’ve loved taking little road trips to California and Utah. I get great gas mileage and it’s always nice to get out of Vegas. Since Roger always comes with us, we wanted to make sure he felt comfortable on car rides. It’s a small vehicle so we were worried the hammock wouldn’t fit right but it did and he LOVES IT.

If you like creepy things, check out the book and/or film The Little Stranger. I don’t love horror movies with jump scares and I wouldn’t really call this a horror movie. More like a creepy gothic thriller.
The book is fantastic and the film features my favorite actor, Domhnall Gleeson so they’re both really great.

I’ve had these bluetooth headphones for almost a year now and I love them. They come in rose gold (love), they cover the ears, the sound is good, and they’re CHEAP. They also fold to make themselves more portable and it doesn’t take long to charge them!

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