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Weekly Wow

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Today I’m sharing a few products I really like for when I’m super jetlagged. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I can’t bounce back as well as I used to. My recovery time is definitely a little longer! When I get home, I like to have a nice soak to unwind my muscles from the cramped seats and just relax my brain.

I use three things for a good soak and they always help me feel really refreshed afterward!

I’m totally an Aztec Healing Clay convert after my first clay bath. The first time I used it, I made a full mask and slathered it all over my arms and legs. I’ve since found if I sprinkle a good scoop into the water, it does the trick just as well and feels like it’s detoxing just as much. When you travel, you never know what you come into contact with so I love doing a clay bath to help pull some of the heavy metals back out. I have a ton of chronic disorders and I legitimately feel a difference after a clay bath.

I love Epsom salts in my bath. I’ll usually put a couple of cups in with the clay to help unwind my muscles. Even with short legs, I still feel really cramped after a flight since I tend to fly the cheaper airlines with super limited legroom!

Last, I always add a little bit of bath oil to help rehydrate my skin after flying dries it out. It’s also a little bit of a luxury since it helps the bath water smell nicer (less like clay). I have an old bottle of Jo Malone that was given to me but I really love this Dr. Teal’s lavender scent too since it’s super relaxing and helps me feel more rested!

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