Weekly Wow

Happy Monday! I get a lot of questions about the tech I use so I thought I’d share my faves here today!

I have a bigger light for shoots and I use it sometimes but this little one tends to provide all the light I really need. It’s super small and portable so it travels really well too. It also charges via USB which eliminates the need to have spare batteries and chargers handy.

I always try to have a power source handy and these chargers are my favorites. They last way longer than others I’ve had in the past. And they come in rose gold! They also have different sizes- I have a much larger one for longer trips or if I need to be nice and share.

This is the coolest selfie stick ever and it puts all other selfie sticks to shame. First of all- it is rose gold. ROSE GOLD. Second, it has a light. Third, the handle is too big to poke anyone’s eye out. Fourth- It fits into my little purses because it folds very well. You can charge it for the light which has different dimming levels. There is also a mirror. WTF.

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