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#PopUpPages- MODS Museum

MODS Museum

This visit was hosted by MODS Museum; however, all opinions are my own!

If you’ve been drooling over Teamlab Borderless photos on Instagram like I have, then this pop-up is a dream come true. There is digital art that’s very similar and the trip to Los Angeles is so much cheaper than Tokyo!

I can’t stress this enough- do the VIP package. They provide a photographer and these guys know the best angles and spots and the pictures will be super cute! It’s perfect for photoshoots.

This is one spot where you can definitely have an amazing visit solo if you do the VIP package!

This pop-up is located in the Beverly Center and is close to Bloomingdales. Parking here is cheap- $1 an hour for the first four hours!

Make sure to get some boomerangs and video of the digital art moving on the screens- it’s pretty cool!

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