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#PopUpPages (#NotAPopUp)- Hunger Games Exhibition

Hunger Games Exhibition

I was hosted by the Hunger Games Exhibition for this visit; however, all opinions are my own.

This exhibit is permanent! It is inside the MGM Grand across from the entrance to the Grand Garden Arena.

The majority of the staff inside the exhibit are in character- you’ll find residents of the Capitol and District 13- but don’t worry, they’re all friendly and happy to help with photos!

All the iconic costume from the film series can be found here- from Katniss’s first Games outfit to the Mockingjay dress and the wedding gown from Cinna.

The set pieces are stunning here- you can even ride the train to the Capitol and visit President Snow’s office.

Archery- My favorite part of the exhibit was the archery session at the end. It’s super fun and extremely safe- they even give you a briefing before you’re allowed into the room.

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