Local Fave- JW Marriott Las Vegas

My various visits to JW Marriott Las Vegas were hosted; however, all opinions are my own!

It’s no secret that most locals hate going to the Strip. While there are plenty of “locals” casinos and hotels around town, there aren’t that many that have a great resort vibe and most of them tend to just feel like cheaper casinos.

I didn’t discover the awesomeness of JW Marriott Las Vegas until recently and it’s funny because I used to live right down the street from it. Granted, I was only 18 at the time but still. The property recently underwent a pretty amazing facelift in a lot of the venues and has really updated to a place that people of all ages can really enjoy!

Hawthorn Grill

I really loved Hawthorn Grill because it has a fun, sophisticated vibe inside and a gorgeous outdoor patio. We hosted a group event here and it was perfect. The food was outstanding, the service was wonderful, and the atmosphere was great. It felt like a great place to enjoy a celebratory event or to even just have drinks with friends. I would love to go back and have lunch on the patio when it’s not a million degrees outside!

Hawthorn Grill

Clubhouse Deli

I love a good deli and this one is kind of amazing. First off- they have great sandwiches. I love deli sandwiches and the selection here is pretty great- they have all kinds of hot and cold sandwiches and a bunch of salads. They even have my favorite Dr. Brown’s sodas! My favorite part is the pastry section- they have the most gorgeous (and delicious) desserts here. There are macarons, tarts, cakes, and all kinds of amazing sweets that you wouldn’t expect to find in an affordable deli!

Clubhouse Deli

Jade asian Kitchen

We got to check this spot out when it was brand new and we had a great time! First off- it’s not your Chinatown restaurant. This will not be your fully authentic Asian restaurant. Know what to expect and you’ll have a great time! They have sushi, noodles, teppanyaki and all sorts of entrees. The prices are really reasonable too! We tried the sushi and a ton of seafood dishes- our favorite was the Kung Pao Lobster (you probably won’t find that in Chinatown). My favorite part was probably the desserts- these delicious sweets had some fun Asian flavors mixed in unexpected ways.

Jade Asian Kitchen

Back when I was in my 20s, I loved a good pool day. I could brave Tao Beach on a weekend and that’s saying something! Now that I’m older, a good pool day means cold beverages and lots of shade. We got to hang out in a cabana one afternoon and loved every second of it! The cabanas were equipped with lots of bottled water, chips and salsa, and a fruit plate (so necessary when it’s a billion degrees out). We even got to order lunch and have it sent straight to our shaded section! The pool area is quite large too so there weren’t any areas that felt too crowded which is rare!

Pool Day

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