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Greetings From Batuu- Rise of the Resistance Full Ride Review *Spoiler Alert*

If you read my last post, you know how obsessed I am with Rise of the Resistance! This review is VERY heavy on spoilers so if you want to be surprised- TURN BACK NOW.

The hype for the ride is insane but it’s also very real. I don’t like surprises so I watched as many videos and read all the spoilers in advance and it still didn’t take away ANY of the magic from riding it for the first time. Rise of the Resistance is the best ride I’ve ever been on hands down (sorry, Harry Potter).

If you’re apprehensive about faster rides, know this in advance- the cars move quickly, they spin, they go backwards. It is very smooth and not particularly jerky or jarring. There is one quick shoot upwards and one swift vertical drop. The drop is about 15-23 feet down depending on who you ask and it is FAST. I absolutely hate rides with drops but it’s over before you know it. I literally barely had time to scream before it was done. 

My only gripe was that the line moved TOO FAST to get good photos of the queue! Sounds crazy but there is so much to see in the line- you’re walking through the Resistance camp so there’s a ton of detail and so many great photo opps in the line alone. 

After you go through the camp, you are put in a small room with BB-8 and receive a transmission from Rey explaining the next portion of the ride- you’re boarding a transit to take you to the new base. From here, you go outside and board the little shuttle-like ride. It almost looks like an airport tram- the attention to detail in just this little car was still crazy! 

Oh no- you’ve been taken by the First Order. The horror. I squealed like a five year old when I stepped onto the Star Destroyer for the first time. As cool as it looks in photos, nothing compared to standing in it in real life! This part moves quickly- if you’re trying to get photos, be prepped in advance. I was alone so just doing video and was ready to go right out the door.

There’s another line here- it moved slowly on Monday and very fast on Tuesday. They split you into interrogation groups with different colors- these colors correspond to the ride vehicle you will get on so remember it. Monday, the officers yelled at us a little, Tuesday they were almost friendly. They stay in character though so it’s fun.

Once you are in the interrogation room, you get a brief sighting of General Hux and Kylo Ren (these holograms are pretty awesome) and then are broken out by Resistance (this part is so cool). From here, you board the main portion of the ride and it’s time to “escape”.

For reference- the upward shot is as you escape the room with the AT-ATs. The car moves backward into a small chamber, and you immediately shoot upward (to the top of the AT-AT). The vertical drop is just after you see Kylo Ren and the ship gets hit as you are racing to the escape pod- the cars spin towards a corridor with black doors, these doors are drop chambers. You’ll hear a click, so you do have a bit of a warning. I hate vertical drops but I would still go on this ride every single time I visit because it is just that good.

The animatronics and holograms in this ride are next level. Everything is very lifelike and feels like you are inside the movies. Disney spared no expense on this ride and it shows!!!!

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