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Lady Antebellum- Our Kind of Vegas (Last Shows)

Lady Antebellum was one of the first big country shows I ever attended. It was their Own the Night Tour and I just happened to be on the East Coast in Florida the night of their show in Jacksonville. It was one of the best shows I’ve seen to date (and I’ve seen a lot of shows) and is still one of my favorite concert memories (even though we were literally in the nosebleeds).

Actually, it’s safe to say that most of my favorite concert memories have been from one Lady A show or another- from answering random band trivia questions in Salt Lake City (Charles could only remember the first line of “Eye of the Tiger” and asked us who sang it.. lucky for me, I knew the answer) to getting surprised with a private acoustic show on their Golden tour date here in Las Vegas (nothing like sitting five feet away from them in a small backstage room). They always put on an amazing show wherever they go and they’re honestly just some of the nicest, most down to earth artists I’ve ever met.

I was so excited when they announced their mini-residency at the Palms for this year and I’m so embarrassed to say that I didn’t get to see them until last night! I somehow ended up being out of town on almost all the show dates until now BUT they are so worth the wait! Even better- I’m pretty sure the February and May shows didn’t get to hear the new songs and we got to hear them live last night!

It’s rare to see a show and love the entire setlist. No joke, Lady Antebellum played ALL the hits and no filler songs. There weren’t a million elaborate costume or set changes and despite the smaller, more intimate setting, nothing felt bare bones or stripped away. Instead, the venue lended a loungey vibe while the band made sure that we got all of the fanfare and sound of a full arena show. What a combo!

I love that they utilized the massive video screens to play old home movies of the band when they were just getting started. I love that they opened with one of their first hits and then kind of moved chronologically from there. I love that they included a Nashville-style songwriters round with just an acoustic guitar. I love that they brought out one of their writer pals and all sang some awesome hit songs from other artists.

Basically, I loved everything about the whole night. We also had some of the best seats in the house (thank you again, Alissa!!!) and I got to bring my date from the first show I went to- my mom. It was such an amazing night- if you’re a Lady Antebellum fan, make sure you catch one of their last Vegas shows- there are only four more including tonight and they’re unlike any of their touring shows! You can’t miss it!!!

I was gifted tickets for the show in exchange for coverage and an honest review; all opinions are my own!

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